Giving back

For every purchase made, we make a donation to ensure that underprivileged girls in Uganda have access to hygiene and sanitary products so that they can stay in school. 

According to UNESCO, one in ten girls across Sub-Saharan Africa miss school when on their period. This directly impacts their education as they miss dozens of days in every school year. Cost has proved to be the biggest reason as to why school girls are often unable to afford sanitary pads. According to World Bank statistics, 85% of Africans live on less than $5.50 a day and the average cost of an ALWAYS 16-pack is $1.30. This is pretty costly even for an average Sub-Saharan family.

WEAR.UR.VIBE has partnered with African Empowerment Hub Uganda that not only makes hygienic products accessible to these girls but also provides wholesome education and training in reproductive health. During a research project in Kenya funded by ZanaAfrica and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, they found one girl who knew more about Ebola, of which there’s never been a case in Kenya, than she did about menstruation. Other girls in the same study thought women could only become pregnant by having sex during menstruation.

Sanitary and hygienic products should be FREE for all girls and women around the globe. 

Grab a product here and join us making this happen.

Every purchase makes a difference.